We have postponed all volunteering activity that involves people coming into personal contact with others to do all we can to help keep people safe and reduce the spread of Coronavirus Covid-19. There are still so many ways that our amazing volunteers can take action for vulnerable children, stay connected and keep learning.

There are also a number of ways to volunteer, and those interested in joining us can remain active during the lockdown. We have been fighting for this country’s most vulnerable and marginalised young people and we continue to do so in new and innovative ways. The need now is greater than ever. Volunteers are the beating heart; without them, we couldn’t help the children who need us. Whether you can spare an hour or two, or want to get involved more often, whatever time you can give is invaluable and help out at events, or fundraising in your community.

However, you can still browse the volunteering pages here and learn about our volunteering opportunities and make an enquiry about a role you are interested in for the future.

Check at our volunteer programs below to find out how you can get involved.

There are also lots of ways to volunteer, and those interested in joining us can stay Spread the word on social media while at home.

If you are on social media help us to spread the word

Volunteers are working with our staff to directly assist disadvantaged children in our programs. You can be one of them.

At the moment, we are not actively recruiting new volunteers.

We postponed all outreach events that involves people coming into close contact with others to do whatever we can to help keep people safe and the spread of Coronavirus Covid-19.

For more information, please contact us@nirmaltrustindia.org.

Do you want to gain work experience in an office environment? Consider volunteering with us. We often have opportunities across the organisation. You could be supporting us to create new training programmes, volunteering with our Media and Communications teams, or even support our team to support other volunteers.

Volunteering behind the scenes is just as important as volunteering directly with our children- every role is integral to our goal of helping children have better lives.

To find out more, please contact reachus@nirmaltrustindia.org

This is an exciting new opportunity to volunteer for us, by organising your own unique events as a Volunteer Event Manager and raise money to make lasting change for vulnerable Children. Local fundraising events are very important for our work, not just for the money they raise.

Event Managers hold events to raise funds and awareness of the work and encourage others to get involved and support us in a variety of ways. In addition you can use those events as a vehicle to raise awareness of our campaigns to ensure children are protected and supported. We will offer you all the resources you need for the role, the chance to develop skills in event management and on-going support and guidance.

What skills are required?

  1. Good time management and planning skills
  2. Sociable and able to build relationships
  3. The ability to be resourceful and entrepreneurial
  4. Good communications skills.

To register your interest please contact the reachus@nirmaltrustindia.org

Raise awareness and support for our work through speaking in your community raise awareness and support for our work through their incredible efforts speaking in their communities about the issues faced by disadvantaged young people, and what our charity does to help.

Speakers use their skills and passion to reach out to different audiences in their communities, such as community groups and companies, inspiring them about our work with children facing poverty, neglect or family crisis.

Volunteering as a speaker is the perfect opportunity to share your experiences, encourage public awareness of the serious issues faced by children in the India, and improve and strengthen your speaking skills.

What are the benefits of becoming a speaker?

  1. comprehensive training, resources and ongoing support
  2. opportunities to meet new people in your community, ranging from business people to families
  3. the chance to gain new skills and self-confidence
  4. the satisfaction of knowing you will be making a difference to the lives of vulnerable children