It is out of place to mention that our institution NIRMAL EDUCATIONAL & HEALTH (PUBLIC) CHARITABLE TRUST has introduced itself as a social service organisation. The main motive behind starting with this organisation was to serve the public at large and specially to serve the poor and needy public in the society. During the course of service to the poor Society and the public in general, it was surveyed by sample method, it was found that, many people are strike with such kind of dreaded deceases and due to paucity of funds, since there is no proper care or aiding in the line of medicines, such people die without getting such proper medicinal aids.

Nirmal Trust is working in a very important sector to focus on. We work day in and day out for the betterment of the lives of children to give them a brighter future. We Aims to provide Social, Educational and Economic Empowerment to Women and Children, by safeguard the rights of the Child and provide for wellbeing of Children in need. We identify the beggars and impress upon them the significance of dignified living and persuade them to take up an alternative livelihood and to take such measures so as to equip them in attaining such means of living and providing medical assistance with legal aid. To provide medical and legal aid and assistance to the under privileged Child and to take such other measures to ensure their social wellbeing.